When it comes to gaming, your mouse can make the difference between glorious victory and humiliating defeat. The shape, speed, precision, and functions of your mouse will all affect your game play, perhaps more than you realize. If you’re not happy with the performance you’re getting from your current mouse, here are five choices for you to consider. These are hot-selling gaming mice from Amazon, and they all get lots of positive reviews from buyers.

1) Logitech MX 518 High Performance Optical Gaming Mouse


The Logitech MX 518 optical gaming mouse gives gamers precise targeting and high-speed handling. It glides smoothly over any surface, and the sculpted grip makes the mouse comfortable in the hand.

“This mouse here is amazing. It slides like it’s on ice and is pinpoint accurate. The ability to change the DPI (how fast the cursor moves) helps a TON, rather than going into the menu of a game and switching sensitivity, you have 3 DPI settings you can change if you need.” – N. Williams

2) Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse


The Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse provides smooth precision at any hand speed. It has personalized weight tuning, onboard memory, and a dual-mode scroll wheel.

“This mouse has made my gaming experience even more satisfying than my previous mouse. Response time is outstanding, especially in first shooter games like MW2 and BO. The feel and fit are great and I don’t have to worry about my fingers and thumb slipping on the textured surface.” – R. Morgan

3) Razer Deathadder 3500 High Precision 3.5G Infrared Gaming Mouse


The Razer DeathAdder 3500 gaming mouse offers infrared sensor precision, ergonomic comfort, and easy-to-use buttons. It’s perfect for competitive gaming and is even better than the corsair vengeance m65.

“Overall the mouse is amazing, I love the blue glow and the precision of the mouse. This is definitely a gamer’s mouse.” – J. Williams

“This is an excellent mouse. I’ve had one for almost two years now, and it continues to perform well. Its optical sensor is excellent and 3500 dpi is enough for almost everyone.” – Alex T.



4) Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips


The Logitech G9X Laser Mouse is highly customizable, with many adjustable features that let you tune your mouse for better performance. Personalized settings can be stored in the onboard memory.

“Surprisingly, the mouse is perfect for any size hand. There are enough customization features to make sure the mouse fits snugly in your palm. The tracking is superb.” – Emil




5) Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700



The Logitech Wireless G700 Gaming Mouse has 13 programmable buttons, comfortable design, and laser precision for intense game play.

“A fantastic product that is well made, well designed, and actually exceeds my expectations.” – Cordite



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