This year, as always, investors have many options when it comes to deciding where to put their money. Stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit and annuities are just a handful of the many different investment options that are available. Here are some suggestions.

Those who have serious credit card debt should look at paying off their credit cards as an investment. Credit cards can have interest rates that run anywhere from 10, 15 or even 20 percent. Paying off these debts will effectively have a return that is equal to the interest rate.

Another investment that many people might not think of as an investment is making contributions into a company’s 401(k) plan. Employers will frequently provide a match up to a certain percentage. For example, an employer that matches 50 percent up to the first 3 percent of an employee’s salary would basically be giving that employee a 50 percent return up to the maximum. This would be hard to beat with any other investment.

Finally, there are mutual funds. Mutual funds minimize the risk that stocks and bonds carry because the funds are spread over a large number of sectors. If one stock tanks, it is not likely that all will. Therefore, spreading the risk is a less risky investment than just picking any old stock.

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